Hosico – The Cat that looks like Puss in Boots

Remember the Shrek movies? Antonio Banderas played a character called Puss in Boots, made famous by that big eyed, needy look. There is actually a real life counter part, called Hosico. Check it out!

According to its owners everybody loves the golden fluffy cat with its adorable look. And judging by the sheer numbers of followers on Instagram, I guess they’re right.

Hosico is scared of unknown people and places. Even when something is simply placed in a different place, he will get surprised. If it’s not in the right place – it may be dangerous!

Definitely check out Hosico’s Instagram for more cuteness overload.

Первое, что я делаю с утра – это целую Хосико, придя домой, кричу – Хосико! Ты где?! Я уже соскучилась по нему. Беру его на руки и обнимаю. Иди покушай, а может тебя сводить в туалет, или давай поиграем… и обязательно потискаю его за щёчки. У меня котозависимость!!! 💁🏼 И очень интересно узнать, а нас таких много, и как все происходит у вас. Не стесняйтесь, признайтесь в своей котозависимости с хештегом #котозависимость @whiskasrussia #whiskas А ведь завтра 1 марта – День кошек в России! 🐈😍 The first thing I do in the morning is kissing Hosico. When coming home, I cry: 'Hosico! Where are you?!' I've already missed him. I Pick him up and hug. Hosico, go to eat, and maybe take you to the toilet, or let's play… And I definitely fondle his cheeks. I have cat addiction!!! And I wonder, are there many of us? And how it all happens to you? Feel free to admit your cat addiction with the hashtag #cataddiction

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A normal cat is a cat that has one head, two eyes and four paws. 😹

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Do you know where dad is? 👨🏻‍💼

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Let's play a little 🏓

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