Azure Window of Malta is no more

One of the great natural landmarks has disappeared from the face of the earth. Malta’s famed Azure Window was a limestone arch naturally carved by the elements. The arch collapsed completely into the sea, leaving a tragically empty space in its wake.

The Azure Window has long been an attraction for tourists and film productions alike. Last it could be seen in Clash of the Titans and Game of Thrones.

The loss of the natural landmark could mean a hit for Malta’s tourism industry. Authorities claim that the loss did not come at a surprise. Experts have been warning for years that the rock formation was in severe danger of collapsing. The rough seas are seen as the main culprit in this case. The authorities knew of the danger and fined $1500 to whomever walked across it.

The fragile arch had a height of about 28 meters and was carved over millions of years. Due to erosion and human use the formation showed signs of decay. Between 2000 and 1026 some parts of it already fell into the sea. This is just nature doing its thing with a little acceleration by human hands.