Tinder has a Secret Members Only Version for the Rich and Famous

Surprise! Tinder has been operating a secret, members only version of its very popular app called Tinder Select. But who could blame them? 😉

Over the past six months tinder has been very quietly rolling out this service for very special users. One source who was using the app said it’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.” But of course it’s not just limited to celebrities, it is said to also include CEOs, supermodels, hyper attractive people and of course people overflowing with money.

It is not a completely separate app, but rather an extra layer on top of the core tinder app we commoners use. The users of this premium service can switch back and forth between both pools of people. We normal folk are of course not allowed to use it and it is highly unlikely you will ever get to see it in action.

Tinder Select is currently available by invite only, but invitees are allowed to “nominate” one other person, that nominee can’t, however, nominate anybody else.

We are not really that surprised that the super rich and famous get a little button in their app so that can opt out of our pathetic little existence of being common.

via [techcrunch]