Nike Pro Hijab will make Sports more Inclusive for Women

Female Muslim athletes can finally look forward to representation in professional sportswear as Nike announces the launch of the Nike Pro Hijab. Nike seizes the opportunity of the basically untapped market of Muslim women who want to work out and compete in sports.

The Nike Pro Hijab is part of an upcoming line of workout clothes for women, which is scheduled for release of spring 2018.

The United Arab Emirates’ first female ice skater Zahra Lari posted on her instagram that she was “super excited” to be involved in Nike’s campaign. “People may think or tell you that you can’t do certain things, but I’m going to show them you absolutely can. I am covered, I am Muslim, I am from a desert country, and I’m doing a winter sport.”, said Lari.

The Nike Pro Hijab is made from a single piece of thin polyester with strategically placed little holes to make the fabric more breathable. It will come in dark and neutral colors. The back of the hijab is also elongated so that there is little to no chance that it will become untucked during competition.

“The Nike Pro Hijab may have been more than a year in the making, but its impetus can be traced much further back, to an ongoing cultural shift that has seen more women than ever embracing sport,” a statement from Nike read.

“The Nike Pro Hijab was designed as a direct result of our athletes telling us they needed this product to perform better,” said Global Nike Spokeswoman Megan Saalfeld. “We hope that it will help athletes around the world do just that.”

This is an overdue combination ob empowerment and merchandising as more and more Muslim women pursue a healthy lifestyle or athletic competition. Furthermore, as Nike is one of the greatest sportswear brands in the world, their influence cannot be overstated. To this day not all sports allow women to compete in traditional hijabs. Maybe this will help to change a few minds.