Rolls-Royce Ghost “Elegance” Shines Bright like a Diamond

Rolls-Royce is the epitome of luxury when it comes to automobiles. Over the years the company has steadily raised the bar when it comes to luxury customizations of its cars. Just recently the car maker has infused a whole fleet of Phantoms with 24k gold. Now they have chosen an even more luxurious material, diamonds.

At this year’s auto show in Geneva there Rolls-Royce debuts “Elegance”. It is a custom Ghost Extended Wheelbase wearing the world’s first diamond paint finish. What exactly does that mean? Well, mechanically the Ghost is identical to a normal Ghost, but the paint includes powder of 1000 diamonds ground to a fine dust. The diamonds have been ethically sourced, of course. The paint finish is called “Diamond Stardust” and Rolls-Royce has spent over two months testing different painting methods and applications to ensure the precious stones gave the right reflection and couldn’t be felt to the touch when running your hand along the car’s paint.

The final touch to the paint job is made by master coachline painterMark Court. With a steady hand and a single squirrel hair brush the pin stripe is applied in Mugello Red and Black.

Rolls-Royce has not disclosed the probably hefty price tag of this car. Considering that the base price for a Ghost is approx. $295000 and one carat of diamonds is $3250, one can only imagine.