The Cars of Mad Max Fury Road in all their Glory

Mad Max Fury Road was the stand out movie of 2015. The automotive fantasy action spectacle was beloved by critics and audiences. Apart from the movie’s two leads, Mad Max and Furiosa, the cars were an integral part of the whole dystopian future. Now it is time for them to take center stage.

The photographer John Platt had a chance to photograph the iconic cars in a perfect studio setting before they were mostly reduced to a scrap pile while filming. Platt’s two-part series ‘before the dirt’ documents the precise attention to detail that went into every one of the film’s vehicles. The cars were dreamed up by production designer Colin Gibson and writer director George Miller.

A total of 150 cars were designed and built for the movie. Mad Max Fury Road has received six Oscars including “Best Production Design”. Considering the level of detail in the prop cars this is absolutely warranted. For even more detailed looks at the phenomenal cars check out the photographers site right here.

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all images by John Platt