New Headphones Promise Distraction Free Working

Procrastination and distraction is the common enemy when we are trying so very hard to be productive. It happens to everyone. Nowadays many people are using noise-cancelling headphones to immerse them even further into their worker bee existence and tune the rest of the world out. Now we are on the verge of a new era of headphones, headphones that want to hack your mind. This is the premise of Mindset, the company that wants to keep you at your peak performance.

The company has just launched a kickstarter project to achieve this goal. The promise is that that they will not just deliver premium over ear headphones with brilliant sound, but will basically help you concentrate. Of course the headset will also be wireless and have noise cancelling abilities. The actual sound engineering is handed over to the premium Japanese audio brand Onkyo.

Mindset was founded by biomedics and neuroscientists, this is key to understand when you want to understand of how they plan to manage to keep you in that distraction free zone. The headphones contain five electroencephalography (EEG) sensors. These sensors will measure your brain activity while you listen to your favorite music or podcasts. Just as your mind tries to wander off, the sensors will register the change in brain activity and give you a subtle audio cue to get you back on track. Over time each alert will train your mind to better recognize when you become distracted. So in theory this will improve your concentration abilities.

Underlying all this is a special software that uses machine learning to track and interpret the EEG readings made by your headset. Through a series of test while you set them up a baseline of your brain activity is established. Once this is all done the software then can do its magic and help you become a more productive member of society. What a bright future we will all have 😉

A recent study has shown that we waste roughly 20000 hours during our career being distracted. Research also suggests that we are significantly less able when we are fatigued. The headset can also determine this and tell you when you should have a small break.

Mindset’s Kickstarter campaign is live, with an estimated delivery to backers in December. The headphones will retail for $349 — but super early birds looking to boost their focus will only have to spend $189.

via [designboom]