Beautiful Architectural Sketches by Adelina Gareeva

Adelina Gareeva is an architecture student with the enviable ability to sketch very sophisticated architectural objects by hand. Rather than using the computer or a stylus and a tablet she uses just pencil and paper and thus feel all the more organic and beautiful. Gareeva has created an instagram account for her effortful sketches. Here she regularly publishes drawings she has completed of the Panthéon in Paris, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan, the multi-spired Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and many more.

In addition to the elaborate and time consuming sketches there are also quick sketches she does spontaneously while traveling. These come straight from the Kazan-based architect’s sketchbook, and are often much more gestural presentations of the historic buildings she observes.

We are happy to see that despite the influx of new technologies and aides to express the vision of the architect, the art of hand drawing sketches is still alive and well.

Gareeva is currently studying at the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering. You can see more of her technical drawings and sketchbook musings on her instagram.

via [archdaily]