Seiko will sell Limited Run of Iconic Watch worn by Steve Jobs

The Japanese watch maker Seiko is releasing a limited run of their Chariot watch series. What makes this model of watch so exceptional is the connection with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The minimalist watch was sported by Jobs during his famous cover photo of Time Magazine shot by Norman Seeff. This photo is one of the most associated portraits of him during the early years of Apple. Sitting down in a lotus seat with the Macintosh computer on his lap. On the left hand wrist of the young Steve Jobs is the Seiko watch that is now being reissued. The original watch from that photo was sold by his estate last year for $42500.

The new version will come in the original 33mm size and a larger 37,5mm one. The original watch with the white watch face has a limited production of 1982 pieces. Additionally 300 units with a black watch face will be made. The price is set at ¥20000, about $180, but there is a catch. The Seiko Chariot will only be sold in Japan.

The Seiko Chariot will go on sale starting March 10th.

via [TheVerge]