The Return of the Nokia 3310

The rumors were true. The Nokia 3310 is coming back. Courtesy of the new brand owner HMD, the phone is returning with a mixture of 3310 charm and some specification and design upgrades.

The Nokia 3310 was the company’s most recognisable handset known for its swappable faces, everlasting battery life, overall durability, and affordability. And of course snake.

The 3310 runs Nokia’s feature-phone operating system, Series 30+. A few things set it apart from the original: It has a two megapixel camera, a web browser (Opera Mini), and a slightly modified Snake game from Gameloft that uses two keys instead of the four button original. Other features put it in the same league as the original, like a claimed 22-hour talk-time and month-long standby time, and the original Nokia ringtone.

It’s an unmistakably old school dumbphone. There’s no WiFi, no GPS, no app store. The price reflects this at €49. The limited talents could make it an ideal first phone for keeping in touch with children, a festival phone, or a phone for the beach when you don’t want any work emails or social network noise.

HMD Global’s executives say the phone is aimed at young consumers, many of whom may never have owned a Nokia before. CEO Arto Nummela says over 70% of its customers in China, where its top-end Nokia 6 has been available, are of “a new generation,” suggesting that they were buying the handsets on their merits alone, rather than brand loyalty or the effects of nostalgia. The phone arrives globally in Q2 later this year.

via [Nokia]