The Delicious Sushi Taco has Arrived and Combines the Best of Two Cultures

Ever since the popularity of sushi exploded in the 90’s, the stable of Japanese cuisine has been encroaching its influence into other cuisines to form several hybrid or fusion foods in the last couple of years. Avant-garde restaurants and trendy food trucks across the globe have been experimenting with new and unique ways to prepare and eat the traditional rolls. The newest trend: sushi tacos.

Of course the pop up shop is based in southern California. Here both Japanese and Mexican influences are strong. So it’s only natural that Norigami has come up with this new concept. Fresh and delicious ingredients of Japanese cuisine are combined with the portable and convenient nature of tacos. Each taco consists of a seaweed and tempura shell filled with rice, veggies, and fish topped with sauce, sprouts, and other condiments.

It all started one (slightly drunken) night when our chef was working a late shift at her part-time cooking job at the local sushi restaurant. With nothing to look forward to but a slow night, bored experimentation began. As somewhat of a joke, a sheet of nori was dipped into tempura batter and dropped into the fryer. We added some leftover sushi rice, krab mix, and whatever sushi scraps we got our hands on and TA-DAH! The sushi nori taco was born.

Norigami is still the new kid on the block and hopes to expand to a restaurant dedicated entirely to the tasty sushi taco combo. If you want to spread some love and maybe money head on over to their GoFundMe or instagram page and help spread the Japanese Mexican lovechild.