World’s First Fully Manned Hoverbike is so Damn Cool, but will Probably Chop You to Pieces

The Russian company Hoversurf builds drones, apparently in all kinds of sizes. Last week the company posted a video showing off their newest prototype, the Scorpion-3. It is basically an oversizes drone with a single seat and kinda works like an electric powered hover bike.

The creators of this insane looking apparatus said they wanted to combine motorcycle with quadcopter technology to “an extreme sports instrument.” The electric-borne aircraft is intended for both “amateur and professional navigators,” Hoversurf says. We cannot imagine anyone in their sane mind to do any kind of sports with this thing, but surely that will not deter certain individuals to ride the Scorpion-3. but then again, this would not be the first sport where one could potentially lose a limb or two.

The hoverbike uses special software to limit the range and velocity of the vehicle to ensure a safe ride. In case you needed some reassurance, the platform is equipped with a safety system powered by state of the art flight controllers, special logical programing, and computer-aided speed and altitude limiting. Hoversurf says the Scorpion’s design was “inspired by heavy-duty sport-utility motorbike frames” and “basically surfs through the air by changing altitude and direction.” The Scorpion-3 can carry a weight of up to 120kg and reach speeds of up to around 50km/h and soar to heights of around 10 meters.

via [theVerge]