Striking Pixelated Wood Sculptures

The Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han creates modern wood sculptures with a striking visual recognition value. His dynamic sculptural representations of the human form are combined with what can be interpreted as a pixel glitch.

The sculptor thinks of his works as puzzles. He meticulously plans every step in advance to complete his final sculpture in wood. He first sketched a rough idea, then prepares clay types to get a fell of the shape in three dimensions. Finally strips of walnut, teak or African wax wood are carefully assembled. With a fine eye and a steady hand the puzzle is then brought into its final form.

The distinguishing feature throughout the artists work is the “pixelation” of his figures. The effect is stunning and reminds us of the dichotomy of modern life. Being man but also being digital, living in both worlds simultaneously. Either being torn apart or being created. And furthermore nowadays how one is seemingly inseparable from the other. Every sculpture is a masterclass in wood working by the Artist Hsu Tung Han.

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via [mymodernmet]