You can now Buy Snap’s Spectacles Online

Spectacles, Snap’s video-recording sunglasses, are now available for purchase online. Snap has been selling the glasses since November, but you could only buy them from a single New York City pop-up shop, or from vending machines that popped up in seemingly random places around the United States.

The pop-up store in NYC will be shut down and the vending machines are being recalled, at least for now. The company behind the popular app snapchat are going the more traditional route of selling their glasses online on

The glasses have been a huge hit among the so inclined and thus the glasses have been a great marketing success for the company. The unorthodox sales method generated a lot of buzz, long lines and lots of free publicity. That comes in very handy considering that Snap is preparing to IPO next month. At the high end Snapchat’s valuation is projected at roughly $18 billion. That would put the co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel at a net worth of approx. $4.22 billion.

Currently the sale of the spectacles is limited to the U.S. and still cost $129.99.