Witness one of Natures Most Amazing Spectacles – The Firefall
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Every year in the middle of February an extraordinary spectacle can occur in the Yosemite National Park, if the conditions are just right. When the perfect circumstances fall into place the Horsetail Fall will naturally transform into the Firefall.

Each February hundreds of visitors come to the Yosemite National Park to the waterfall to see the spectacular event with their own eyes. But to see this amazing transformations the conditions have to be just right. First and foremost, Horsetail Fall must be flowing. If the amount of snow that melts in February is to small, there will not be enough water to feed the waterfall. Although the Horsetail Fall is visible from several vantage points throughout the Yosemite Valley, getting the right angle seems to be key. This is because the western sky must be absolutely clear at sunset. The setting sun hits the Horsetail Fall and turns it into the Firefall for about 10 minutes. This must be quite a spectacular sight to see with your own eyes.

In 1973 the photographer Galen Rowell took the first-known photograph of the natural Yosemite Firefall, which greatly increased its fame among landscape photographers and Yosemite aficionados. But it wasn’t until the digital photography revolution and the rise of internet that the Firefall achieved global fame.

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Firefall 2017- it's that time of year again for the famous #firefall #yosemitenps. This trip almost didn't happen due to the crazy road conditions at Yosemite. There has been so much water that a lot of the roads were closed due to mudslides. Somehow we made it here at the very last minute. I still think the mist I saw last year was better but it wasn't bad this time either. Please scroll down on my feed to see previous years firefall if you like. Had an awesome time with some fun and talented photographers @naminou @jc.liang @sinanuong. Was suppose to meet up with a couple more but got lost in the rush. For those that plan on going to see this, be careful since there has been so much water that some of the roads are falling apart. Had an awesome weekend!!! – A special thank you to my wife for letting me go on these crazy fun trips before I get too old to travel. – – #usaprimeshot #pixworld_ #igworldglobal #natureonly @natureonly #heatercentral #ig_color #worldcaptures #ouramazingearth #earthofficial #beautifuldestinations #special_shots #Earthpix #wildernessculture #travelstoke #foxnews #abc7now #ktvu #gottolove_this #yesabc #lppostcards #yosemitenation #globeshotz #Nationalparkgeek @nationalparkgeek #worldprime #yescnn @awesome.earth.pix #awesomeearthpix #yesweather

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The Return of Firefall I had published photographs of this phenomenon last year. This year, I feel fortunate to have been one of the firsts to witness it. In fact, I just drove back home after seeing this unforgettable moment. This is the Horse tail waterfall in the Yosemite National Park. Every year for a few days in February, the sun sets at a certain angle and illuminates the waterfall in luminescent orange and red, making it look like a molten lava. More information on this phenomenon is here, http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/02/160219-yosemite-firefall-waterfall-sunset-pictures-nature/. #westcoast_exposures #majestic_earth_ #cool_capture_ #photoarena_nature #naturewhisperers #inspiring_photography_admired #dream_image #visitcalifornia #jaw_dropping_shots #gottolove_this #splendid_earth #thebest_capture #b_picturess #igs_america #ig_unitedstates #phototag_it #wildcalifornia_ #NikonLove #globalcapture #ig_exquisite #ig_impulse #viewbugfeature #usinterior #moodygrams #rawcalifornia #firefall #firefall2017

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