Gorgeous Statues from Ghost in the Shell from Weta

Weta, the digital workshop of Lord of the Rings and Mad Max fame are also the guys behind the highly anticipated movie adaptation of the anime and manga classic Ghost in the Shell. Not only are they responsible for the visual effects in the film, they are also in charge of creating some of the most stunning merchandise for the movie. Case and point the two exquisite statues of the Major and the Geisha.

This extremely limited edition 1:4 scale statue is made from high-quality polystone and features a unique illuminating base and fabric costume elements: a first for Weta Workshop. Expertly designed and sculpted by Lindsey Crummett and Gary Hunt, and developed by the same Weta Workshop artists and technicians who work on our film projects.

The two statues are in a scale of 1:4 and the robot geisha comes with a separate interchangeable head. The statue of the Major is in a very triumphant pose and the base of the statue lights up. Both statues have a hefty price tag of $449.

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