Magical Levitating Magnetic Clock by Flyte

Flyte, a Swedish design duo renowned for their gravity defying designs has come up a new interpretation of a household staple, the modest wall mounted clock. Their previous two design pieces, the Flyte light and the Lyfe planter already look really cool, but their everyday functionality is a bit limited. The Flyte story on the other hand is a totally normal clock, just with a little touch of magic added.

The Flyte story is going live on Kickstarter today and will most prominently feature the mag-lev technology the design duo is known for. The technology is used to hover a small metal ball over the clock face which is made out of wood. This gives is an even more surrealistic feel, since we usually associate levitation to be very futuristic, hence a lot of steel and glass would come to mind.

Unlike the previous two designs which were a bit limited in their use, the clock can be mounted in several ways. You could for instance hang it on the wall like you would any regular clock. But you can just as well just lie it down on a couch table or even arrange it in some way that is at a 45-degree angle. When it comes to actually telling the time, the Flyte story has the standard 12 hour devisions. There is only one metal sphere to tell the time, so there is no minute hand. Through use of a companion app, Story can also serve as a short-term timer (say, for a meeting) or a long-term “Journey” mode, which the company envisions as tracking more high-minded goals, like where you are in a year, or how long until the birth of your child. Additionally, Story features both a hidden digital clock that lights up in the center of the face through the wood, as well as a blacklight behind the base.

Story is available to back now on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $349, with an expected full price of $499 and is available in both walnut and ash models. Flyte hopes to ship it in November later this year.

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via [designboom]