Huawei is Launching New P10 Flagship Smartphone at MWC

The Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona is beginning February 27th and many companies that are in the mobile business in some way or another are teasing their upcoming announcements. Huawei is no exception. The smartphone maker based in Shenzhen, China is teasing their next flagship in the P-series, the P10.

While there is not much information in the teaser trailer itself, which only tells the viewer to “Change the way the world sees you”, the only real clue here is the double eye motif. This could mean that the P10 will include a dual camera system, similar to its predecessor the P9 or the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple. The P9 was the flagship in Huawei’s lineup of smartphones and has been well received among critics.

You’ll find a lot of rumors about the P10 if you look around the internet. The smartphone will reportedly have two variants: the P10 and the P10 Plus. Both versions of the phone will have a 5.5-inch qHD screen, but the Plus version will have curved sides, similar to the Galaxy Edge from Samsung. It will apparently be equipped with a better chipset than the current iteration, which makes a lot of sense. The internal specs will probably range from 4 to 6GB of RAM and 32 to 128GB of storage. We’ll find out if any of those are true when the company reveals the device on February 26th.

via [theVerge]