The Nokia 3310 is Making a Comeback

The Nokia 3310, perhaps the resilient phone in history, will reportedly be relaunched later this year.
Easy to use. Borderline indestructible. A battery that seemed to last forever. Oh, and it had Snake. Those were the days.

The practically indestructible phone, which was originally released back in 2000. It will be sold for just €59 ($63,) and will most likely be pitched as a second back-up phone for people who still romanticize the days of playing Snake and making custom ringtones. The 3310 was legendary for the longevity of its battery life, 260 hours, or nearly 11 days, on standby. It sold 126 million units since it was launched in 2000, putting it among Nokia’s all-time greats, but not enough to place it at the very top, a title that belongs to the Nokia 1100, with 250 million units over its lifetime.

HMD Global, the new owner of the Nokia name, is preparing a handset that shares the 3310 moniker. Like its beloved predecessor, the device is reportedly a feature phone that focuses on the absolute basics. It will be revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 27 ahead of a full rollout later in the year.