Etch Clock Makes Time Look Like a Sculpture

When you first see this clock two contradicting things come to mind. First there ist the phrase “etched in stone”, meaning something permanent, something that will stand the test of time. Then there is the notion of timekeeping itself, something forever changing, trying to capture and represent the flow of time. This Etch Clock combines the two concepts to make a stunning piece of modern marvel.

At a first glance it seems that the current time is etched into its surface, but every minute the etching disappears and refreshes itself. The website is a little vague when it comes to the actual workings of the clock. But it does divulge the fact that the Etch Clock relies on an elastic membrane. It seems that a pump creates a vacuum in the hollowed out segments. The membrane then gets sucked into the recess to display the time. It’s a simple but astounding effect.

The clock itself seems to quite heavy, probably because of the pump and other inner workings of the clock. The timepiece weights in at about 6kg and requires electricity from a wall outlet. No batteries for this clock. As of now there is only this one color to choose from, apparently called “dark Peacock”. You would also have to fork over quite a big amount of money for it. The clock will set you back $1300. At least the accompanied app and smartphone compatibility are free.

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