Audi Japan is selling one of a kind Final Fantasy XV themed R8

Audi Japan has begun streaming a promotional video on Friday for its The Audi R8 Star of Lucis car. This vehicle is the real world counter part of the vehicle that appears in Kingsglaive: Final fantasy XV feature length movie, which serves as an intro to the upcoming game from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV.

According to Audi’s official website, the car manufacturer teamed up with the Royal Art Society of Lucis to create the car. Audi produced the car to celebrate the 20th birthday of Prince Noctis, the heir to the throne of kingdom of Lucis in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

The website details the car’s royalty-worthy quality. The noble “Ultrossic Black” car features “Advanced engineering from a higher realm.” Its arabesque patterning and Lucis emblem wheels showcase the “Design inherited from the gods.” “An interior fit for the Prince” and “Performance worthy of the future King” ensures the driver enjoys an exclusive experience. If danger should dare to block the car’s way, its “5.2-liter R8 V10 engine generates 610 PS,” which endows the driver with “The power to foil monsters.”

For hardcore Final Fantasy fans who have an extra $469,000 of cash lying around, the dream of owning this car in the real world is just in your grasp. Audi will hold a lottery to sell The Audi R8 Star of Lucis, the one and only vehicle of its kind. The lottery will open on November 21, and the winner will have the honor of purchasing the car for 50,000,015 yen (about US$469,000).

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